Millennial Pink is a Thing

You’ve seen it on Drake, cacti, walls, drinks (think frosé), chairs, makeup palettes, and likely taking over most of your social media feeds (it even has its own Instagram). Millennial Pink is a thing, whether you’ve realized it or not. And According to New York Magazine’The Cut, it’s here to stay.

It isn’t Barbie or Bubblegum pink. It’s a bit gender neutral– almost a blush/salmon hybrid; like most of the blue hues have been taken out. It’s the color of our generation and it’s everywhere.

I’ve been lusting after Blue Life’s crochet trim one-piece for more than a year, but couldn’t bring myself to stomach the $154 price tag. I’m glad I held out, because my trusty Forever 21 debuted a very similar swimmy for under $30. Best of all, it comes in MILLENNIAL PINK!

Forever 21 swimBlush one piece swimsuit

Forever 21 Swimsuit // White Cotton Kimono // Cable Ring

I am absolutely loving this trend and plan on riding it out until it becomes the next Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not that there’s anything wrong with PSLs…

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