Up Up and AWAY

Let’s talk about how to look chic and stay comfortable on your next trip. It’s no secret that people receive better service when they’re dressed up at the airport— flight attendants have even confirmed it! Now it’s time to spruce up your travel look with a few simple tips.


AWAY Bag // Paige Denim Jeans // Grey Sweater (similar) // Hat // Booties (similar) // Photos:  CC Creatives

1. Stretchy things are best (but beware of leggings!)

Nobody likes feeling constricted, especially not when sitting for 4+ hours in a tiny seat. Try wearing bottoms with a little bit of give or stretch (like these Paige Demin skinnies). Trust me, I LOVE the athleisure trend, but Lululemon leggings have their special place in spin class.

2. It’s cold on the plane!

Don’t forget how chilly it can get on a flight. Make sure to layer with scarves, sweaters, wraps, etc. Jeans, joggers, or midi dresses are also great options for keeping your legs warm!

3. Say NO to heels, buckles, and laces!

Going through security can be a drag, so make it easier by wearing slip-on shoes. Boots with side zippers is another great alternative to wedges or sneakers. PRO TIP: Invest in TSA Precheck or CLEAR so you can skip the line and keep your shoes on at security.

4. Try to pack everything in… a carry-on bag!

*GASP*! I know, this may seem outrageous, but I am certain that you can fit everything you need to bring in a carry-on-sized suitcase. AWAY bags are some of the best suitcases around. With a rainbow of colors, sizes, AND a built-in phone charger—what more can you ask for? Trust me, rolling your bag off the plane and into your Uber without waiting at baggage claim shaves so much time off your airport journey. PRO TIP: My monogrammed navy AWAY bag can be purchased here.

5. Stay hydrated

All that recycled air really dries you out on a flight. Try to avoid sugary drinks and stick with plain old H2O or coconut water. PRO TIP: Instead of spending $47 on a 8oz Smartwater at the news kiosk, BYO-reusable water bottle and fill up fo’ free!


Bon voyage!


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