Connie + Jack

A couple of months ago I attended a chic little pop-up shop at the most amazingly-decorated Grant Park home. Artist and interior designer, Alison Fandel, invited a group of artisans and guests to her gorgeous historic home for a night of shopping, champagne, and celebration. It was there that I met Alyssa Cassatto. I was immediately floored by her unique jewelry designs; from simple to eclectic, with brushed brass accents and bone beads. Recently, Alyssa and I spent the afternoon together at her gorgeous home (she’s also a commercial interior designer!). We had a blast snapping photos and chatting about her budding jewelry business, Connie & Jack.


Alyssa proudly holding a wedding photo of her parents, Connie and Jack.

Who are Connie and Jack?!

Constance aka “Connie” is my mom, and John aka “Jack” sometimes “Jackie” was my dad.  They were both born in New York; my mom in Rockaway and my dad in Brooklyn.  They actually met at a little club in Far Rockaway, and I guess you could say the rest is history.

Tell me about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

I like think my style is modern. I make very limited quantities generally no more than 50 of most pieces and very often I will only make one of a particular piece. The idea behind that is simply that the pieces I make are truly intended to make the person who wears feel like it’s a special piece made for them. I’m so often told by people who own my pieces that they receive so many compliments when they wear and how it makes them happy. In turn, that makes me endlessly happy!

As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

We are so lucky to have such variety of cultures around us everyday. I draw much of my inspiration from people. I’m for sure endlessly inspired by art, fashion, music and of course, nature.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?

I’m not sure I can choose a favorite piece I’ve created! I find that I’m always evolving and trying to manipulate new materials. So, I suppose currently my new favorite material is waxed cotton and I’m loving how I can use it, and I think, elevate this sort of basic material into jewelry; mixing it with brass and stones.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?

Well without getting into the boring details of it, there was a point that I walked on someone else’s path thinking that it was my path too. I had to hit the restart button and get on my own path. So, I suppose I’d tell myself to always stay on your path!


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